The company  Agricolmeccanica srl, known under the brand ‘’ FRIULI  SPRAYERS’’, was founded in 1960 by the Gentleman Giuseppe Tosoratti and for 45 years is led by the brothers Gino and Renzo.

The company  Agricolmeccanica srl is specialized in the design and manufacture of sprayers and dusters. Today it boasts a wide range of models. The brand  is known worldwide for over 50 years.

This is also due to our constant ability to build sprayers with technology long lasting, developed in the company by our technical and production department.

The results are important in the world and found positive answers in many companies. 





In 2009, the eve of the 50th years of foundation of the brand  ‘’Atomizzatori  Friuli’’, today  ‘’Friuli Sprayers’’ ;  we have inaugurated a major expansion with a new office building, on 3 floors, and a new warehouse of 1200 square meters.

Actuelly, the compagny  Agricolmeccanica srl has a surface area covered of 5000 square meters and the same surface discovered. The Company has a photovoltaic installation for the production of electric energy and a geothermal installation for the offices anche the spare parts warehouse; this indicates respect of the environment with the use of natural resources.




The Founder, of the actual Agricolmeccanica srl, was the Gentleman Gino Tosoratti.

In 1960, he began the construction and sale of ‘’ Atomizzatori Friuli’’ , now known as the brand ‘’Friuli Sprayers’’ .




The certifications issued by  ENAMA ‘’ National Institute of  Agriculture Mechanization  -

Assessment service of the functional characteristics of the safety of agriculture machinery.







List of some awards that have marked our history.

- Bronze Medal to MR. Giuseppe Tosoratti – Exibition of inventions and innovations in 1964 at the  66th Fair in Verona..

- Silver Medal  to Mr. Giuseppe Tosoratti – Exibition of inventions and innovations in 1965 at the 67th Fair in Verona.

- Award to the company AGRICOLMECCANICA SNC of the Brothers  TOSORATTI for new technique  EIMA 1990 for a sprayer , mixed duster  ‘’FRIULIECOLOGIC 2000’’.

- Award to the company AGRICOLMECCANICA SNC of the Brothers  TOSORATTI for new technique  EIMA 1992  for  the Sensor for pneumatic Distributor of pollen.

- Award to the company AGRICOLMECCANICA SRL of the Brothers  TOSORATTI for the new technique  EIMA 2010  for Chemical Sucker Remover with recovery devices of the product. 



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